Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

jrs (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 16:28:31 -0500

Bob Whitaker <> wrote:

>Fragano Ledgister wrote:
>> Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
>> : Arguments which are consistent with each other and enforced by
>> : ruining careers and by law are invariably false and tyrannical.
>> From this we can conclude that laws prohibiting murder, rape, theft,
>> &c. which are ethically and logically consistent must therefore be
>> false and tyrannical.
>> Bobby, boyo, to call you 'shit-for-brains' would be an insult to
>> shit.
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> I'm SO glad you brought that up! It is perfectly legal to argue that
>murder, rape, theft, etc., are OK things. Being a PC clone, you would
>not recognize the critical difference to a free person, but you have to
>ban all DISCUSSION of race which displeases you.
> You admit this by saying that for teh Thought Police to allow such
>Politically Incorrect thoughts is the same as permitting murder, rape,
>theft, etc.

You know, Bobby, I just can't figure you out. It's pretty obvious that
you often post while under the influence of alcohol or some other
psychoactive substance. That is clear when one analyses your posts
over a period of time. But that does not really explain your lust for
punishment. That could be explained by only one or more of the

- you are an unrelenting glutton for punishment

- you are one heck of a troll

- you are just plain stupid

- you are just playing games

- more than one person posts as Bob Whitaker

Someday we will figure you out.

In any case,


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