Re: Paki gets his turban in a spin

Fatima Ibrahim Al-Shirawi (
21 Nov 1996 19:02:32 GMT

Hogs and Wogs and Those Betwixt

In response to Dunky's little hypothesis about the proper place
of pink skin in the scheme of things, I felt it incumbent to
elaborate my own theory of why the white boy will wither by
the wayside in the race of man. It all stems from the question
of marginal utility. "Asiatics" have superior intelligence and
greater numbers, while "Wogs" bring the physical strength which
is their wont. Clearly, each group adds utility to the whole.
Yet, it is difficulty to discern the marginal utility of the
white boy (whom I shall refer to as "Hog" due to his pink skin
and generally dirty appearance). Indeed, there is nothing lacking
in the Asiatic + Wog equation. So what need of the Hog? As the
A + W factor rises to prominence, the H factor will soon go the
way of bacon, relegated to the back burner and replaced by Turkey
(as in Louis Rich fat-free). As for Dunky's inspired lunacy about
testosterone levels, I would submit the feminist movement as
a refutation. The feminists have made great inroads in Hog
civilization and have been remarkably unsuccessful in Asiatic
and Wog lands. This indicates that testosterone levels in male
Hogs are lower than those in male Asiatics and Wogs. The change
in testosterone rankings thus dispells Dunky's findings.

Saif Al-Shirawi.