Ed Conrad (edconrad@prolog.net)
21 Nov 1996 12:12:47 GMT

>>> "Richard P. Hanson" <richard.hanson@*REMOVE*.gecm.com>
>>> wrote:

>>> Oh look - another post from Ed 'the world's greatest living
>>> anthropologist' Conrad with no real content again. Oh goody.

>>> Ed - doesn't the fact that *NO* anthropologists and *NO*
>>> paleontologists agree with you maybe suggest that you are
>>> more likely to be talking crap . . . ?
The only crap that I post around here, Richard, is the levity in which
I engage from time to time to give us all an escape hatch from this
most serious controversy.

A joke posted here and there is like an apple a day.

When it's time to be serious, I am dead serious.

Like now!

I knew from very start -- Feb. 29, 1996 -- when Ted Holden emailed
me that he was ready to push the button and post information about
my discoveries on his web page that the shit most certainly
would hit the fan.

And that especially applied with the material I had written on the
link page, accusing the scientific community of deceipt, dishonestly,
collusion and conspiracy in this business of an honest answer to
legitimate questions about man's origin and antiquity.

As you are well aware, I was proven right about the hostile reaction I
received. I was lambasted from all sides.

But I didn't put my tail between my legs and run. Instead, I have
stood my ground -- on my own two feet -- and defended my position
loud and clear.

Ted's original web page now packs a lot more muscle than wen it first
hit the screen. Only a moron -- or a ``scientist" frightened like a
bunny rabbit of the importance to protect his vested interests --
could possibly deny that I DO have ``something."

And that ``something" is a vast array of specimens of petrified bones
and/or soft organs from creatures of a size that almost every
scientific textbook maintains could not possibly have existed during
the time that coal was being formed.

Never did I dream, when I discovered my first few specimens, that some
would be human -- but indeed they are!

As for my most vocal critics -- Andrew MacRae and Paul Myers -- these
two turkeys together couldn't have carried Wilton M. Krogman's note
pad in the identification of petrified human bones that, to the
untrained eye, look like rocks or concretions.

Krogman's incredible expertise explains why ``The Human Skeleton in
Forensic Medicine" can be found on just about every pathologist's
bookshelf throughout the world.

Meanwhile -- in response to the criticism being heaped on me by the
scientific establishment -- MacRae, Myers, the plethora of
anthropolgoists and the gaggle of paleontologists DO NOT KNOW
what type of animal life truly existed on earth during the time of the
coal formations.

Just because their ``scholarly" science books say something CAN'T
BE doesn't mean it wasn't. The problem is, the people who wrote those
books were paddling up ``The Creek of the Unknown" and, unfortunately,
without a paddle.

In any event, Richard, my response to you is this:

I cannot and will not take NO for an answer. I will continue to do my
thing. I will be serious when I want to be serious and I will horse
around when I feel like horsing around.

If I was into this for fame or fortune, quite obviously I'd be using
much more discretion while pecking away at the keyboard
of this most marvelous machine.

The rather amazing thing, Richard, is that I really don't
care if I am proven right (which I am) in pursuit of this most
noble cause.

I'd be content to have a few words written on my tombstone:

(Despised by Science)
> ``He didn't succeed but
> he damn well tried."