Re: Ed Conrad

Noel Dickover (
Wed, 20 Nov 1996 16:44:02 -0500

In article <56s6mk$>, Ed Conrad says...
> I take umbrage to the above posting by Paul Z. Myers.
> I think he is off base with his rather sarcastic assertion that the
> sci.anthrop[ology.paleo news group is turning into ``a forum for
> crackpots," which he claims already is.

Dude, get a life! You can only spam the same group for so long.
Eventually it has to get boring. Here's an idea Ed: there doesn't seem
to be any spamming going on in the Oceanography newsgroups - why don't
you try to pawn your rocks off as prehistoric, yet undiscovered dolphin
remains. You would be able to generate some useless conversation with
all new people! And, better yet, you would be able to badmouth an
entirely new discipline when they don't listen to your well founded and
completely valid reasearch. Think of the possibilities!


Noel Dickover