Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Fragano Ledgister (
20 Nov 1996 20:19:08 GMT

Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
: Laura Finsten wrote:
: >
: > Bob Whitaker <> wrote:
: >
: > [...]
: >
: > > Finsten, after not bringing the subject up at all, since it was
: > >un-PC, did name the anthropologist after she was called on it by
: > >Forman.
: >
: > I still haven't seen Forman's post on this subject, but I do believe
: > you are telling lies about me again, Bob. You've got a mighty funny
: > habit for someone who gets all hot under the collar when asked a simple
: > question about whether you are a member of a lunatic, racist fascist
: > organisation. Given that you give every appearance here of being a
: > lunatic, racist fascist, it doesn't seem to me to be an ureasonable
: > question.

: This is one of the clones who shrieks foul over and over when I say
: they routinely accuse anyone who disagrees of being A Nazi Who Wants To
: Kill Six Million Jews.
: Finsten kept insisting she knew all socialists are not communists, all
: racists are not nazis, the means of dictatorwhip is the biug
: difference. Now I'm a raciwst fascist, ie, a Nazi, and her wild
: protestants ("You're LYING about me!") are down the old Politically
: Correct Memory Hole
: PC Doublethink, as usual.

Where does she accuse you of being a Nazi? You have decided,
unilaterally, to give that meaning to her words. That would seem to
justify that part of her statement wherein she points out that 'you
give every appearance' of being lunatic.
: By the way, Bob, if you think I wanted to try to "bury"
: > this thing with the burial, do you think I would just ignore it?
: > Don't you think a better strategy would be to attempt to discredit
: > it? And why do you accuse me of lying about not having read Frank's
: > post on this? Nobody accused you of lying when you said that you
: > didn't know I'm Mommy Professor.
: >
: > >To our unanimous surprise, she declared he was untrustworthy,
: > >thereby producing the 100,000the consecutive politically Correct
: > >statement of Scientific Anthropoly.
: >
: > Ah, so this is what you meant by that statement. I didn't say that
: > he was "untrustworthy". I did say that, given that he's made some
: > pretty glaring errors in the past (and I'd be happy to point you to
: > the references that trace the history of the particularly enormous
: > blunder that I mentioned), I'd prefer to see something other than
: > a 2 inch newspaper column, or something posted to usenet, before
: > expressing an opinion on the matter. Geez, Bob, learn to read.
: >

: PC has thousands of people like yo to come up with plusible attacks
: on all opposition. All tyrannies do. It is your absolutely perfect
: record of PC consistency that discredits you.

Er, what? What has she attacked? If she is in error, then
demonstrate it, otherwise you might do well to ponder Wittgenstein's
seventh proposition.

(Note the weirdness, btw, of this undefined entity 'PC' [could it
be... Satan?] which appears to possess people.)

: > > You clones must now go drom "it didn't happen" to "it didn't matter".
: > >As usual.
: >
: > No Bob, what I said wasn't "it isn't clear at this point what
: > *did* happen". Oops, forgot, your brain only allows two options.
: > Did you let Levi-Strauss do experiments on your head in the late
: > 1960s or something?
: >
: > "If I can't dance.....I don't want to be part of your revolution."
: > Emma Goldman

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