Re: LUCY: ``Yes, we have no bananas!"
20 Nov 1996 07:55:39 GMT

In article <56proj$>, (Ed Conrad)

>> -- So, the answer is, yes, Ed knows some living archaeologists. No,
>>he can not name even one that supports his claims. He apparently
>>attributes this to professional bias, and considers them "brain dead
>>zombies" as a result.
>I state emphatically that every single anthropologist with whom I have
>deal over these past 15-16 years has been a fraud and a phony.
>They include Alan Mann at the University of Pennsylvania, Robert
>Eckhardt at Penn State University, some turkey from the Smithsonian
>Institution, Milford Wollford at . . .(I foget, he's lucky I even
>remember his brain-boggling name), David Pilbeam (a a real horse's
>ass), Stephen Jay Gould . . .and the bigwigs like Johanson, Leakey,
>Leakey's mother, etc.etc. etc., who did not even have the courtesy to
>respond to information and photographs I had sent them.

I once had a platoon sergeant who would yell at me: "Van Houten !!!!!
just why
in hell are the ONLY man in this platoon who is in step??????

Older. But wiser ?