Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

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Tue, 19 Nov 1996 08:57:27 -0500 (cynthia gage) wrote:

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>> cynthia gage wrote:
>> > What does
>> > "PC" mean to you, what is YOUR definition. Why do you insist I'm trying
>> > to trick you? I've now asked you the same question three times and you've
>> > yet to answer it. Perhaps the answer lies in your silence on the issue?
>> > Perhaps there is no "PC"?
>> > Still wondering :)
>> > Cynthia

><Bob answered>
>> Try something novel: actualy read what I said, hold back the
>> knee-jerk PC reaction a second, and you will see that I already answered
>> you.

>I'm trying, I really am. I can't find where you've answered my question.
>Can you give me a hint as to where the answer may lay? -- Maybe I missed
>that post... Actually, I'd also really appreciate it if you stopped
>replying to all my questions by claiming they are themselves "PC" until
>you cleary explain what that means. I haven't been naming you as part of
>any category -- defined or not, why do you insist on putting me in one?
>Thanks :)


You probably will not get an answer from Bobby. You see, He seems to
have a bit of a *problem* if you get my drift.

Bobby often expresses the beleif that many people believe he is a
"Nazi Who Wants To Kill Six Million Jews" . These people are referred
to as "clones" in Bobby's terminology. At this very moment, we surmise
that Bobby is sitting in his chair, silently, ruminating about how
that new Cynthia Clone is plotting against him.

Although it's hard to get the straight story from Bobby hiumself, we
*think* (or perhaps "gather" is a better term) that he was run out of
politics and academia due to his blatant racism, and he seems to be
*quite bitter* about the whole sordid episode, hence his presence

There is also speculation that Bobby is a member of the infamous
national alliance, but Bobby will not say whether this is true or

You'll get to know Bobby better after you are here awhile. He's
actually quite entertaining most of the time, poor soul.