Re: A Demand for the Kennewick Man's Remains

Wed, 20 Nov 1996 02:36:56 GMT wrote:

>OK, I'm not very clear on usenet slang -- is this post a spam or a troll,
>and why?

I don't think it is either. It isn't the first time I've seen
something about this situation posted here. I think it is an update
of a report from someone who has done something rather odd with the
current law as it stands. If the remains are as old as he says they
are, and if they are caucasioid remains, he does have a point. The
local tribes that have claimed the remains are no closer related to
them than anyone else in the world is, and he has the advantage over
them because he is, at least, a memeber of the same general race.

I think he might like some discussion, but I doubt if he is going to
get any more on this attempt than on the previous one. Certainly not
on this group.

Stella Nemeth