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Wed, 20 Nov 1996 06:04:08 -0800

Judson McClendon wrote:
> mb wrote:
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> > Ok, Ed, I'll bite. Where is it? Show it to us. We've got open minds.
> >
> > Read carefully: S-H-O-W I-T T-O U-S.
> >
> > Do you have a web site? Post some photos.
> > Do you have photos, but no web site? I'll pay for postage.
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> It's out of my field and I might not be able to tell positively if the
> fossils are real bone or not if they were in my hands, but photos are
> here on the net, I've seen a number of them. Some links I found are:

You may also want to visit Andrew Macrae's page at

Andrew discusses how Ed's "fossils" are indistinguishable
from siderite-(FeCO3)-cemented, fine-grained
sandstone concretions. For some strange reason Andrew's page
has links to Ed's stuff on Ted Holden's page, but (T)Ed don't
have links to Andrew's page (or to Paul Myer's page for that
matter). Who's really hiding something?

August Matthusen