Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Bob Whitaker (
Tue, 19 Nov 1996 19:28:43 -0500

jrs wrote:
> (cynthia gage) wrote:
> >In article <>, wrote:
> >> cynthia gage wrote:
> >> > What does
> >> > "PC" mean to you, what is YOUR definition. Why do you insist I'm trying
> >> > to trick you? I've now asked you the same question three times and you've
> >> > yet to answer it. Perhaps the answer lies in your silence on the issue?
> >> > Perhaps there is no "PC"?
> >> > Still wondering :)
> >> > Cynthia
> ><Bob answered>
> >> Try something novel: actualy read what I said, hold back the
> >> knee-jerk PC reaction a second, and you will see that I already answered
> >> you.
> >I'm trying, I really am. I can't find where you've answered my question.
> >Can you give me a hint as to where the answer may lay? -- Maybe I missed
> >that post... Actually, I'd also really appreciate it if you stopped
> >replying to all my questions by claiming they are themselves "PC" until
> >you cleary explain what that means. I haven't been naming you as part of
> >any category -- defined or not, why do you insist on putting me in one?
> >Thanks :)
> >Cynthia
> Cynthia,
> You probably will not get an answer from Bobby. You see, He seems to
> have a bit of a *problem* if you get my drift.
> Bobby often expresses the beleif that many people believe he is a
> "Nazi Who Wants To Kill Six Million Jews" . These people are referred
> to as "clones" in Bobby's terminology. At this very moment, we surmise
> that Bobby is sitting in his chair, silently, ruminating about how
> that new Cynthia Clone is plotting against him.
> Although it's hard to get the straight story from Bobby hiumself, we
> *think* (or perhaps "gather" is a better term) that he was run out of
> politics and academia due to his blatant racism, and he seems to be
> *quite bitter* about the whole sordid episode, hence his presence
> here.
> There is also speculation that Bobby is a member of the infamous
> national alliance, but Bobby will not say whether this is true or
> not.

I already answered previous clones on this point. I don't know
anybody who belongs to the National Alliance. So what?
I have to answer the same thing from each clone every time -- each of
you thinks he thought of the same old line -- and you accuse me of
Why this McCarthyite kick, anyway?

> You'll get to know Bobby better after you are here awhile. He's
> actually quite entertaining most of the time, poor soul.