Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

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> Americans."
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> : >> I believe it is time for the whites in america to take thier rightful place
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> : >> native americans.
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> : >funny you should say that. In Nevada, they recently dug up a 10,000+yr
> : >old body of a native American and it turned out to be European genetically
> : >rather than the Asian-Indian...
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> : >The scientists said that this body predated the Indian migration here.
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> : >looks like I'll have to start marking that native American section.
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> : Gee, you'd think that something like this would be big news. Just where did
> : you find this little piece of information? Not that I think you're making
> : this up or anything...
> It was big news, as least in the scientific community. What happened is
> that an archeologist dug up a skull in North America that looked quite
> Caucasoid to him and dated it very early, but not earlier than the first
> Indian migrations. It was in the _New Yrok Times_.
> However, Federal law appears to let Indians keep their ancestor's remains
> and rebury them if they wish. So the tribe in question (which had only
> lived in the region for 500 years) claimed that this skeleton was one of
> "their" ancestors. Upshot: whatever Federal agency is responsible for
> interpreting the law ordered that the tribe could rebury the skull and did
> not have to allow any further scientific testing to corroborate the
> skull's race and to more precisely date it. As I recall the margin of
> error of the preliminary dating was a factor of two.
> A couple of weeks later the Tuesday "Science News" section of the NYT had
> a major article on the Indian Fundamentalists, which is exactly the word
> used. I looked in my pile of clippings for the piece, since I know I saved
> it, but it wasn't in that particular pile.
> Oddly enough, at least in terms of what gets said on this thread, there
> was no one saying that races don't exist, that race cannot be inferred
> from a skull, and other such things. Anyhow, it is an exciting discovery,
> and I hope the archeologist snipped off some hair or whatever for DNA
> testing.
> Frank Forman
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> anchored in nonsense than to put out on the
> troubled seas of thought" - John Kenneth Galbraith
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One of the ng's here is anthropolgy. Isn't it a surprise that not
one single Scientifi Anthropologist Who Proves Race Don't Exist even
mentioned this at all.
Is anybody surprised?