Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

cynthia gage (
Sun, 17 Nov 1996 16:46:15 -0500

In article <>, wrote:
> > cynthia gage wrote:
> > > If you re-read my post you'll
> > > see I'm only interested in why you choose to use "PC" so often but refuse
> > > to explain what that term means to you and why you are so bitterly opposed
> > > to those things.
> >
> ><Bob>
> > Anybody your age who doesn't know what Political Correctness is
> > is beyond redemption. Maybe you have so totally accepted it you don't
> > know what it is. I doubt you've ever heard anything else.
> > Laura Finsten started out with your kind of fake sincerity and
> > friendliness. It is the same old tactic Mommy Professor teaches you,
> > and which you always think you thought of: get me to quibbling so I'll
> > stop talking plain English.
> > Of coarse I've heard various definitions of PC...but that's the thing -
> > they vary. I was asking for YOUR definition of what PC means. Re-read my
> > question asks what "the term means to you". If defining what
> > it means to you means you'll "stop talking plain English" ....hmmm.....
> > :)
> > Cynthia
> I notice you're cut out the earlier communication, where you
> informed me that the only person you ever heard about PC from was me.
> That was why, you said, you needed me to explain it to you. When called
> on it, you now say of course you've heard of it, you just to quibble
> about it. got me Bob...I should have explained that what I meant in my
earlier post was that the only person I was hearing "PC" from ON THIS
NEWSGROUP was YOU. You've once again completely avoided answering my
question so I'll ask one more time if you'll re-read my post. What does
"PC" mean to you, what is YOUR definition. Why do you insist I'm trying
to trick you? I've now asked you the same question three times and you've
yet to answer it. Perhaps the answer lies in your silence on the issue?
Perhaps there is no "PC"?
Still wondering :)