Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?
15 Nov 1996 18:49:44 GMT

Bob wrote:
> You're right of course, anything which is hard to define at the
>borders is nonexistent. I have been trying to persuade Argentina
of.this. It is the >Politically Correct position that, because race is
>fuzzy at the edges, race does not exist. Anyone who disagrees with
>this, of course, is A Nazi Who Wants To Kill Six Million Jews.
> I have tried to explain this to Argentinians, but they keep saying
>Argentina exists. That is probably a violation of the Genocide Treaty.
> We all knwo there is a dispute as to whether the Falkland Islands
>are part of Argentina or not. The border of Argentina, in short, is
>fuzzy at the edges. Therefore, accoring to the PC version of the
>Genocide Treay, there is no Argentina.
> You must join me in my battle to persuade Argentina that it does
>not exist.

Thanks, Bob, this is a nice example. Argentina, like race, exists only as
something defined politically and socially. Was there an Argentina two
hundred years ago? Nope. Will it be there in another two hundred?
Maybe, but I'll bet it won't be the "same". Whatever it is, Argentina is
not an objectivly existing entity that the "Argentines" found and drew
borders around, any more than your "white race" is. Does that mean I
won't get arrested if I break Argentina's laws or violate its borders? No
it does not, any more than I am safe from racists of whatever hue.
Human-constructed entities (whether race, nation, law, custom, or
whatever) are real and powerful in the social and political sense, and
anyone who ignores that is walking toward trouble.

Is there genetic variation in Human Beings? Yep. Does it fall along the
lines of a three or five or eight race paradigm? Not in any objective,
meaningful way it seems. Do we know all there is to know about Human
variation and its implications? No, we are just barely getting started,
and you, it seems, are still behind the starting line.

For the record, I followed this thread back more than a hundred posts and
couldn't find anyone accusing you of wanting to kill six million Jews.
Presumably someone did at some point, but it might be time to get over it.

--Greg Keyes