Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Huw Jones (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 13:15:09 GMT

Bob Whitaker wrote:
> Huw Jones wrote:
> >
> > cynthia gage wrote:
> > >
> > > In article <>, wrote:
> > > > OH, HORSESHIT!
> > > > None of the clones who insist IQ is meaningless would let anybody
> > > > try for one of their precious PhD's who did not have an IQ of at least
> > > > 120.
> > > > Get off it!
> > >
> > > I disagree with your statment completely. Since when was IQ ever a
> > > pre-requisit for a PhD? And are you saying that having a PhD is a direct
> > > indicator of high intelligence?
> > >
> > > Just wondering,
> > > Cynthia
> >
> > Why waste you time wondering over someone who's 'apparently' incapable
> > of recognising the difference between reasoned argument and abuse? Do
> > you seriously expect an intelligent reply? Remember, you're dealing with
> > someone who posts up the same vacuous abuse to two (maybe more)
> > thoughtful posts.
> >
> And he is objective! He gets paid to push Political Correctness,
> so you can count on this boy!

Well Bob, I have to admit that you gave me a great laugh when I read
your post. You should be on TV, enlightening a grateful public with
your penetrating insights and delighting them with such incisive,
caustic wit.

So, I'm paid to "push Political Correctness" eh? Well, I've got my job
description right here and, you know Bob, my superiors at the University
of London Kremlin (or Senate House, as we unthinking peasants refer to
it) have photographically altered it to remove all traces of the dreaded
"PC words" - amazing! - but then again, maybe I just don't have your
capacity to discern what goes on 'beneath the surface', right? I was
almost too trapped within my ideological prison to recognise a 'great
man', even when he responded with such thoughtfullness, wisdom and
evident concern for the facts. Gee Bob, thanks for showing us dimwits
the way...

Look, nothing personal right? - but I can only assume that the cause of
all this mindless (if amusing) venom is that you've had some dreadful
experience(s) in you educational career, and now see fit to take revenge
via the internet on "precious PhD's" (incidentally, your somewhat
limited capacity to write good English leaves it unclear if you are
objecting to doctorates per se, or those who possess them.) Who knows
though, maybe you're like this with everyone...

I really, really wish that there was some substance in your otherwise
completely juvenile replies that could be addressed properly, but you
seem unwilling (or should I say unable) to articulate a coherent

You have reinforced the point I made to Cynthia. In the meantime I await
further enlightenment, O Great One, handkerchief ready to wipe away the
tears of laughter as my mind is taken to a higher plane...

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