Re: MacRae & Myers: THE CHOICE IS YOUR'S!

Matt Silberstein (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 18:08:38 GMT

In sci.anthropology (Ed Conrad) wrote:

>For Andrew MacRae and Paul Myers:
Do either of these people read any of the newsgroups you posted this


>At this point in time, you have had numerous opportunities to see the
>skull-like object embedded in the boulder which I insist is, beyond
>all doubt, The World's Most Important Fossil, a human skull dating
>back to the coal formations.

You mean the one that looks like Pumba?
>Do you still adamantly insist that the object embedded in the boulder
>is nothing more than a concretion, a rock?
>Do you still vehemently deny that it bears no resemblance -- none
>whatsoever -- to a human skull?
Looks like Pumba to me.

>To make it easy on yourself, I have written two answers (listed
>All you need do is pick one, then post it on Nothing
>could be easier!
Then why did you post this on sci.anthropology, sci.archaeology,
alt.archaeology, and sci,anthropology.paleo?


BTW, it is not likely that your Pumba rock will make either Andrew or
Paul reconsider your other non-evidence.

Matt Silberstein
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