Re: Skull in Boulder images

Ed Conrad (
14 Nov 1996 06:11:37 GMT

"Michael D. Painter" <> wrote:

>Steve Jones - JON <> wrote...
>> Ed Conrad wrote:
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>> > (Scott Begg) wrote:
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>> > >Strange... And how could a comparatively fragile bony structure like a
>> > >human skull become fossilized in a SOLID BOULDER without being filled
>> > >or rendered solid itself?
>> > For crying out loud, Scotty, how the hell do I know?
>> > Ask Macrae and Myers. They seem to have all the answers.
>> So you don't know how this happened then... but you refuse to listen to
>> people who have studied in this field ?
>> Sounds a little strange to me, if I don't understand something I read up
>> on it and learn, ask questions of those that have studied and expand my
>> knowledge. Never thought of pig-headed arrogance as an approach to
>> learning before.
>> Steve Jones

>Not clear what you mean here Steve. There is no skull. The people who have
>studied it and myriad other rantings of Mr Ed have time and time again
>shown what these are.
>They are rocks. They are not skulls, bones, kidneys or anything else.

Steve Jones:
If you really knew the scope of deceipt, dishonesty, collusion and
conspiracy that exists in the scientific community relative to
perpetrating the hoax of man's link to inhuman primates, you wouldn't
consder my stance as ``pig-head arrogance."
You'd find -- as I have -- that it would do no good to ask legitimate
questions of those who ``have studied" it because, the sad fact is,
they'd be filling your brain with garbagy nonsense that has no
substance in fact.
+ + + + +
Michael Painter:
You, sir, unfortunately, are a perfect example of what a steady dose
of brainwashing can do.
``The people who have studied it" -- and deny it's a human skull --
most certainly are not operating as honest scientists seeking the
truth at all costs, no matter the consequences.
Instead, they resort to a platitude of dirty tricks and Gestapo-type
propoganda in a never-ending effort to vehmently protect their
erroneous party line and thus prevent mankind from becoming fully
aware of the VERY SPECIALl creature we really are.