Re: Language & Culture

James Pannell (
12 Nov 1996 16:55:57 GMT

D. Sadler ( wrote:
: My husband and I were discussing how language and culture affect each other. We could think of many valid (we
: think) examples of how culture affects language but could not think of any specific examples of how culture is
: affected by language.
: Are we wrong in thinking that culture can be affected by language? Can anyone offer any ideas, thoughts, or
: examples of this concept?
No, I don't think you're wrong.

How about the concept of zero?
For many years, there was no zero in language, the concept was foreign, that
meant that either something was there or not. If it was not there, there
really wasn't the "word" to say what you'd call a "placeholder"...


: Thanks in advance.
: Diep Sadler
: p.s. When you reply, could you also shoot me an email with your repsonse? My news server is not very
: reliable.

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