Re: Skull in Boulder images

Ed Conrad (
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 14:19:26 GMT (Scott Begg) wrote:

>Strange... And how could a comparatively fragile bony structure like a
>human skull become fossilized in a SOLID BOULDER without being filled
>or rendered solid itself?

Strange, Scotty, but not THAT unusual!
Remember, if you will, that, after all, human skulls often commence
the intriguing -- and oftimes time-consuming -- process of
fossilization when, because of adamant refusal to use common sense, a
certain amount of cloggage develops near the Gandulae Pacchioni (also
known as the Arachnoid Villi) due to the growth of miniscule kidney
bean-shaped siderite microrganisms, purplish-green in color and just
awful to view under the miscroscope, thus causing the Ascending
Frontal Convolution to disengage ever so slightly from the Superior
Frontal Convalution and the Middle Frontal Convalution (sort of like a
band member marching out of step during the halftime show), thus
triggering a revolting development that results in gradual but
eventual total disengagement of various integral functions of the left
hemisphere of the brain that, in turns, causes or induces memory loss,
twinkle toes. premature balding and quite often diarrhea.

For crying out loud, Scotty, how the hell do I know?
Ask Macrae and Myers. They seem to have al the answers.