Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 13:41:16 GMT

On Mon, 04 Nov 1996 00:27:36 -0400, (Toby
Cockcroft) wrote:

>In article <>, Bobby <> wrote:
>>I think I€ll do what you guys do, and just repeat other€s remarks. I€ll
>>just repeat mine.
>> You clones are, as always unanimously, the only ones who think you
>>can fool people into thinking you are not demanding immigration and
>>integration for all white majority countries, and only for white
>>majority countries.
>> What I am saying is know to all. Kasiecki-Brown has announced that
>>this is no argument, but the fact is that I grant you full custody of
>>anybody who doesn€t know these things.
>> Any clown who doubts people are in prison under European Hate Laws
>>because I don€t name their names , like Kasiecki-Brown, is your kind of
>>moron, and you€re welcome to them. You are also more than welcome to
>>the morons who are willing to believe that race isn€t really there.
>> You try to increase your apparent numbers by singing in chorus, but I
>>have been in serious politics too long to be fooled. The left-wing
>>noise is always loud and well-coordinated, but in real politics, they
>>get no following.
>> There are some of you who really do believe this Politically Correct
>>crap, but you are few and you are hopeless.
>> Meanwhile, I will continue to address my remarks to people who reside
>>out here in reality.
>Good boy racist double speak.
>You clone you can't even think for yourself. You spew forth your venom
>when you are met with with failure. Your words are impotent and this
>drives you crazy. You blame the left wing and call those who don't agree
>with your warped view of the world morons. You have no evidence for your
>lies just profanities and insults and ideological rhetoric. Your politics
>are those of the coward. More follow us than you will ever want to
>admit. We control the politics of the world, the economy of the world,
>the education of the world your kind are a dying breed, a plague that we
>are wiping out and you are scared so you are vainly trying to strike
>back. We hunt you down and wipe you out one by one. We get to you
>through your children, through their schools, through television and
>through the internet. This is reality and no amout of discussion will
>ever let you see that. I am sorry for you and others like you who don't
>understand. I wish you peace and I hope that someday you will see the
>error of your ways.
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Fuck you canuck!