RE: Does physical appearance correlate with personality?
Mon, 11 Nov 96 04:14:58 -500

I an undergraduate Sociology/Anthropology student at Earlham College and
I've been following the very...unencouraging...string about the prospects for
employment in Anthropology. While I have a fallback in the event that I'm
left in a position where I'm choosing between looking for an Anthro job
and eating, I'm not at all interested in joing into business or any of the
other jobs that people go into when they discover there is no work for them
with an Anthro Phd. This may mean that I may find myself out of luck in 10
years, but what I'd like to know now is, besides getting into a really good
grad program, what does one have to do to get those much-coveted academic

For example, I don't intend to send resume's out to colleges as soon as I
graduate. I would imagine that one has to get experience that would distinguish
oneself before one would get that sort of employment. I would imagine there are
plenty of people in this newsgroup who are currently occupying the sort of
position I would one day like to hold, so my question is: What did you do
to get that kind of work? What happened between your Phd and getting the
academic job gave you the right experience?

Also, I, too am looking for grad schools and don't really know where to
look. The typical game plan seems to be to find a school with professor(s)
who share similar approaches and research interests. My prospective research
interests tend to include social deviance in western societies. I have a
strong interest in Wiccans and other non-conformist religions. I find the
supernatural quite interesting, from an Anthropological perspective, of
course. I also tend to be quite interested in the dynamics of everyday
social intereacting, things too common for people to take much notice of.
What determines how different "cliques" form in college, for example.

Can anyone suggest any grad programs that may be appropriate for someone
with my research interests?

--Night Watchman