Re: Flynn Effect ...yes, testosterone

Rohinton Collins (
8 Nov 1996 20:07:38 GMT

Aadam Young <> wrote in article
> Why don't you explain the Greek (Jimmy) speculation that
> blacks are better athletes, or would just citing him be enough evidence
> for you.

Blacks certainly do seem to make better heavyweight boxers and short
distance sprinters. There ARE differences between the general physical
makeup of different racial groups, which would necessarily mean that some
groups are, on the whole, better at certain sports disciplines than others.
This is not racism, it is observed fact. Having said that, I am firmly on
your side concerning this testosterone bollocks. I have refrained from
commenting on the subject because I simply wouldn't know where to start
criticising it (or rather wouldn't be able to stop). There is absolutely no
evidence, let alone logic to the argument. It is irrelevant to this
newsgroup as far as I'm concerned, and has enjoyed far too much bandwidth.
To wit, I shall say no more.