Re: Affirmative Action (Was: Anthroplogists, I need advice!)

Jay Bernstein (
Sat, 9 Nov 1996 05:39:58 GMT

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I know I'm looking at
> the whole process ideally, but I haven't heard any better suggestions.
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> Cynthia

Here's a better suggestion. End all preference on the basis of what kinds
of genital organs or skin hue a person has and hire on the basis of
qualifications. A radical idea? Maybe. But the only way to fairness. A
much better idea than countering imbalances with preferences. There's a
brilliant book on this subject that I highly recommend: "Preferential
Policies," by Thomas Sowell. Preferential treatments either in favor of
minorities or the majority don't work and end in strife. The great value
in Sowell's book is it's comparative international approach.