Re: Races of Man (was Re: Tolkien and the ruin of Fantasy)

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9 Nov 1996 21:25:15 GMT

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>>Once upon a time, said...
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>>>>Okay, I went and looked this info up, since it was bothering me.
>>>>There are nine historic races of man, give or take a few (the
>>>>seem to be "discussing" it).
>>>Just remember that these races do NOT correspond to genetic
>>>of any significance. They are based on a few salient physical
>>>characteristics. Around 90% of human genetic diversity is
>>>intra-*communal*, and most of the rest is intra-regional.
>>I'm not sure what those big words mean "intra-*communal*" but it
>sounds like
>>your saying what I read in some science news the other day. That
>being, that
>>there is no major genetic difference between one "race" and another.
>All the
>>difference are minor and superficial.
>>Have a good one...
>All races are virtually identical on the level of DNA... I was posting
>on the thread of what the traditional races were called.

Humans and primates have nearly identical DNA structures, too. That
just means our analysis of RNA structure and its implications are not
fully understood, and cannot yet be used in our race comparisons.