Re: Snake and egg motif

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Fri, 08 Nov 1996 10:21:45 GMT (Robert Snower) wrote:

>The stone is common in ritual, magic, folklore, myth, but eggs, to my
>knowledge are not.

"The myths of creation are multifarious, but one consistent motif
connected with this primordial event concerns the universal,
celestial, or cosmic egg. This motif is found scattered throughout
the entire world€Mircea Eliade has noted examples from Polynesia,
India, Indonesia, Iran, Greece, Phoenicia, Latvia, Estonia, Finland,
Africa, Central and South America (1) € and has found its way into the
works of various mythologists, all of whom have offered their own
interpretation concerning the significance of this ovum mundi."
Aeon 3:5, "THE EVOLUTION OF THE COSMOGONIC EGG", by Dwardu Cardona
Details at

M. Eliade, Patterns in Comparative Religion (N.Y., 1958), p. 413.