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> : therre is an even more interesting fossil -- in the upper rio grands
> : valley of new mexico, there is the imprint of a bare human female footprint
> : in a sandstone outcropping that is around 10 -60 million years old. The
> : girl was walking and tripped. seh overcorrected by extending her foot and
> : made the imprint in the once soft mud of the riverbank. It left a deep
> : impression clearly visible. You can even see the potho;e she stepped
> : into, and the splash marks extending out from it.....
> :
> :
> Please explain in detail how it is possible to determine the sex of a
> being from a single foot print.
> Also please explain how you came to the conclusion about her acrobatics at
> the time this foot print was made. You speak as if you have video or film
> of her preforming this act.

But please put this oh-so-believable and enlightening explanation in a
newsgroup that does not have "sci." in its name.

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