Re: Flynn Effect ...yes, testosterone

Aadam Young (
Thu, 07 Nov 1996 19:36:03 -0800

Very eloquent racism. It appears that those with racist opinions
(e.g. The Bell Curve) will stop at nothing to pursue their agenda. I am
certain if you try hard enough you will be able to prove that crime, and
the neccesity for public support of prisons are a neccesity because of
the downtrodden.Why don't you explain the Greek (Jimmy) speculation that
blacks are better athletes, or would just citing him be enough evidence
for you. While you're at it show us that Jews control the media.
I have a Native American friend that believes caucasions are
from outer space due to their distinct unique appearance, larger size,
and thier agressive solutions for high politics.(His belief doesn't make
it true)
(Oh Testosterone the Milk That Makes Mothers)...but definately not
Mothers Milk