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henry l. barwood (
Thu, 07 Nov 1996 08:52:06 -0800

Ed Conrad wrote:

In response to my explanation of why his concretion was hollow and
"resembled a skull". My apologies to the paleo groups, but Conrad is
spamming these things all over the place in fragmented units. Original
answer is on

> Henry:
> I totally agree with your assessment of the reason for the shrinkage
> of so many of your colleague's brains.
> Being an early diagenetic product, they maintain a spherical to
> semi-spherical form (frequently compressed by late diagenesis and/or
> metamorphism) and often are hollow from replacement or gel-state
> shrinkage.
> This deplorable condition, most frequently triggered by a steady dose
> of brainwashing on a college/university level, is known by
> neurologists as Petrified Brainitis.
> And, the sad part, they still haven't come up with a cure.

After reading this, just imagine Conrad saying to himself "Ed
Conrad...SuuuperGenius... Hmm, that has a nice ring to it.. ". Pity this
man, but otherwise ignore him.

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