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>>Jim Yahr wrote:
>>snip. Megaspam partially retained.
>>> Ed Conrad wrote:
>>> >
>>> > Rather amazing, too, is that, while the boulder itself is solid,
>>> > the human skull-like protrusion emits a hollow sound when
>>> > tapped.
>>> >
>>> What's even more amazing is how your material has maintained its 3
>>> dimensional shape when all the rock around it has been compressed to
>>> 1/20th of it's original volume. So I ask you, for the fourth time, to
>>> explain how the shape can be maintained with this amount of compression
>>> in the surounding metamorphic rock.
>>Although Conrad would neither accept nor understand, this is perfectly
>>reasonable function of concretion formation. Being an early diagenetic
>>product they maintain a spherical to semi-spherical form (some are
>>compressed to varying degrees by late diagenesis and/or metamorphism) and
>>are often hollow from replacement or gel-state shrinkage.
Henry Barwood
>I totally agree with your assessment of the reason for the shrinkage
>of so many of your colleague's brains.
>Being an early diagenetic product, they maintain a spherical to
>semi-spherical form (frequently compressed by late diagenesis and/or
>metamorphism) and often are hollow from replacement or gel-state
>This deplorable condition, most frequently triggered by a steady dose
>of brainwashing on a college/university level, is known by
>neurologists as Petrified Brainitis.
>And, the sad part, they still haven't come up with a cure.

In other words, Ed doesn't have an explanation, but he can parrot back
a bunch of words he doesn't understand and hopes mockery will provide
an adequate substitute for logic.

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