Maori-Aus/Tas aboriginal links, NZ strange wall, Homo Sapiens-Neanderthal coexistance in OZ, Aus-Eg

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Wed, 06 Nov 1996 01:25:23 -0800

>From Fredrik Sjoge, Sweden

A couple of questions:

1) Has there been any signs that Maoris/other Polynesians visited
Australia or Tasmania before European intervention in these parts?
Any contact with OZ/Tas aborigines?

2) Vice-versa: Any signs of mainland/Tas aborigines having visited New
Zealand pre Euro-intervention?

3) What about this strange wall that was found in New Zealand. Is it
natural, Maori manmade or pre-Maori manmade? Any ideas?

4) Did Homo Sapiens and Neanderthal coexist in Australia? In that case,
when? If yes, are there any signs in aboriginal cave paintings etc. of
such a coexistance?

5) Are there any signs that ancient egyptians could have visited

I'd be sooo happy to get some answers or thoughts on these!!!