Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Philip Kasiecki (
5 Nov 1996 17:06:00 GMT

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Gregory Taylor ( wrote:
: More fulminations from the fevered neronal clump named Bob Whitaker:


: >Actually, i am dealing with you Politically Coirrect types on your
: >own very, very superficial level.

: Actually, a really clever person might well have concluded that there's
: little evidence for much agreement by the persons discussing race and
: genetics here beyond a possible agreement that you've demonstrated no
: familiarity with any of the issues being discussed, and that you've got
: this tendency to use phrases like "Politically Coirrect" [sic] when you
: have nothing of substance to say.

BULLESYE!!! Brother pegged him perfectly!! He repeats that and
other "Whit-isms" when he has nothing of substance to say, which is all
the time.

: >Your clones predictably insisted that all true authorities in
: >academia agreed that all races do not exist, that all racies are
: >equal, taht all races are absolutely anything Political Correctness
: >requires, when it requires it. I explained that since it is regular
: >policy to deny tenure to young professors who commit heresy inthese
: >areas, and to actually imprison people in Europe for racial heresy,
: >this was no surprise.

: Your reading comprehension seems a trifle lacking here. For those of us
: not living on Planet Bob, what seems apparent is that you've made both
: claims and not come with a single bit of evidence to support that view.
: Zip. Nada. Zilch.

That's Bob for ya. Just says the words with no support. Lies
constantly in doing so, too... I'll bet he missed where a couple of
people mentioned a few in academia who have gone against "PC thought"
and still kept their jobs- what a convenient oversight on his part!
(Bob's a lousy typist, too!!)

: Remember that sequence: Assertion-Evidence-Rebuttal.

: You've forgotten 2 and 3.

Dead on target!

: >You are now appealing to those who cannot see this contradiction.
: >IO say screw it, you're welcome to them.

: What sort of academic *were* you supposed to be, anyhow? It sure can't
: have been anything that required a grasp of logic, rhetoric, or
: grammar....


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