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Tue, 05 Nov 1996 17:04:27 GMT (Jack Bernhardt) wrote:

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>Torbert/Jean Dupree) wrote:

>>I seem to be running across numerous instances of a serpent and an egg
>>motif lately.
>>Anybody got insight what the meaning of this is and of references to
>>examples of it in art, architecture etc.
>>Bart Torbert

>You might want to look at the famed Serpent Mound in Adams County, Ohio.
>Around 1000 feet long, the neck of the serpent is extended and its mouth
>opened, as if to swallow the earthen oval egg that lay partly inside its
>distended jaws. There are descriptions and discussions of the effigy in
>numerous sources. For early, fun, discussions, you might try Gerard
>Fowke,The Archaeological History of Ohio (1902), or look through early
>20th C. issues of the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society

>Jack Bernhardt

How do you all know it is an egg? I think it is a stone.

Best wishes. R. Snower