Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Dene Bebbington (
Mon, 4 Nov 1996 20:48:12 +0000

Bob Whitaker <> wrote:
>Gregory Taylor wrote:
>> Dene Bebbington <> wrote:
>> >Lets see, Christopher Brand author of "The g factor" says races are
>> >innately different, as does Richard Lynn, they both live in Europe - so
>> >have they been locked up for 5 years and fined 60,000 dollars (or maybe
>> >Ecu's would be more appropriate for the non-US centric readers of this
>> >newsgroup!).
>> It would seem to me that the most reasonable answer is that ol' Bob has
>> absolutely no idea of the status of current academic research whatsoever,
>> preferring instead to substitue his usual blather about cloning and
>> mommy professors ad infinitum. Such a view would also appear to explain
>> his "surprise" at seeing a listing of those scholars whose views are, at
>> present, controversial - he's so utterly outta the loop that he's got
>> no idea who those folks are. Almost none of the anthro folks here seemed
>> too surprised to see those names, I note. Looks like their "clone" status
>> is somewhat more complex that Bob would like us to believe. I hope you'll
>> excuse me if I don't feign surprise; I'm saving all that up for the day
>> when Bob manages to do something resembling backing an assertion....
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> Actually, i am dealing with you Politically Coirrect types on your
>own very, very superficial level.

Judge not others by your own lousy standards.

> Your clones predictably insisted that all true authorities in
>academia agreed that all races do not exist, that all racies are equal,
>taht all races are absolutely anything Political Correctness requires,
>when it requires it.

Okay, please cite one post where us "clones" stated such a thing.

> I explained that since it is regular policy to
>deny tenure to young professors who commit heresy inthese areas, and to
>actually imprison people in Europe for racial heresy, this was no

Don't remember you previously using the qualifier of "young", but I'll
let that ride for now. However, you still have yet to back up your
assertion regarding the imprisonment of people for asserting that races

> Clones cannot answer that,

You cannot even present any evidence for that, so what have we to

> so in ordeer to argue it they had to
>come up with authorities who disagreed with Political Correctness,
>assuming their original contention would thereforeew be consigned to the
>Memory Hole, as it is in your Politically Correct circles. In short, you
>are not used to being called on things, and you get to forget anything
>that is inconvenient.

Hmmm, you're used to being called on to substantiate your assertions but
never do, whereas some of us "clones" actually provide something more
than just empty bluster.

> Having said that all the authorities, when told by Politically
>Correct people to jump, only asked "How high?", you now start giving me
>authorities who defy them. If I had palyed your usual game of competing
>with you in quoting your captive authorities, I would not have gotten
>this clear self-contradiction from you.

The contradiction is wholly yours, in an earlier post you said the

"The president of the American physical anthropologists'
association, Carleton S. Coon, was forced to resign way back in 1962 for
denying your racial orthodoxy.
You and I both know that ANYONE who denies your politically correct
orthodoxy on campus loses his job." (my emphasis)

That statement was refuted by giving examples of some academics who have
denied the "racial orthodoxy" and yet haven't lost their job.

> You are now appealing to those who cannot see this
>contradiction. IO say screw it, you're welcome to them.

On the contrary. You may wriggle, squirm, and bluster all you like
Whitaker, but we're onto your pathetic little game.

Dene Bebbington

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