FOSSIL: human skull, old as coal, is C-14 biblical Flood

Eliyehowah (
Tue, 05 Nov 1996 11:54:03 +0000

The increase of radiation by 12 times after the water above our nitrogen atmosphere
dropped, has also increased C-14 by 12 times. Being toxic we age 12 times faster
and live 12 times less. This is revealed in C-14 data lists.
Human chronology is basically aligned against Egypt being viewed as the
most stable filled centuries of history in contrast to China, India, Europe, etc.

[1] First, the charts available...
(fellow men of faith, ask me if you want a scan of it; but critics stay away,
since you charge others cash to hear or see all your profound theories)
prove that Egypt C-14 dates correctly with Hebrew Genesis but because
Egyptologists favor the Turin Papyrus canon written in 1290 BC, they insist
the chronology is 720 years further back. This would force the soil of Egypt
to be 720 years before the biblical global Flood. However, as stated the
C-14 correctly supports the shorter history. Dendrochronology is used
to satisfy Egyptologists who demand that the Bible and C-14 are 720 years
in error.

[2] With this in mind, the difference of C-14 levels 12 times lower must be calculated.
Of which this produces a shift of 20,000 years. Interesting the C-14 dates of
all coal and tar and oil and petroleum and gasoline are not millions of years
but 20,000 years. (C-14 cannot date more than 70,000 years.) Thus biblically
anyone dying in the Flood would likewise falsely date as 20,000 years as
does the coal and organic life crushed and formed by the Earth's global flood.

This means that the first five dynasties of Egypt
(768 yrs Turin Papyrus canon = 338 yrs Hebrew Genesis)
must be dated according to this immence curve from 20,000 false yrs to
its actual position (2321 BC TPC = 2030 BC Hebrew Genesis).

It would still make this finding of a skull as something highly valued
by creationists as it is to evolutionists. The dating is merely to another scale.

A voice crying out and going unheard,
(40 years Oct 7) Nehemiah's (9:1) 50th JUBILEE of Tishri 24
God's 1000 years has begun Sep 14 of 1996.

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