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>Speaking of human remains...Remember the freeze-dried bronze-age man
>found in the Alps a few years back. PBS did a once over lightly special
>on him. I assume much of the research has been done, but where can I
>find an account of the 'findings' on this guy? Any good books out, or
>articles? With near-morbid fascination of the very old, tj

Hm - can you read German? At least you could stare at the wonderful
pictures ;-))

There is a special edition of the magazin 'GEO' in Germany for it's tenth
anniversay I think. Came out a month ago. They had a splendid report on
the so-called 'Oetzi', very good photographs, concise story, even a grand
shot from his reconstruction. Maybe altavista knows about GEO - it's a
daughter magazine of the 'STERN' (Gruner+Jahr). And the STERN is to be
found online actually (


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