Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Philip Kasiecki (
3 Nov 1996 18:55:16 GMT

In article <>,
Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
: I think I€ll do what you guys do, and just repeat other€s remarks. I€ll
: just repeat mine.

You do that anyway, Bob; that makes this post no different from your

: You clones are, as always unanimously, the only ones who think
: you can fool people into thinking you are not demanding immigration
: and integration for all white majority countries, and only for white
: majority countries.

Who the *FUCK* are you to say what someone else believes, unless
they say as much?

: What I am saying is know to all. Kasiecki-Brown has announced
: that this is no argument, but the fact is that I grant you full
: custody of anybody who doesn€t know these things.

Why don't you point out what makes you think people hold these
beliefs? It's be a whole hell of a lot better than simply saying what
others believe.

: Any clown who doubts people are in prison under European Hate
: Laws because I don€t name their naes, like Kasiecki-Brown, is your kin
: of moron, and you€re welcome to them. You are also more than welcome to
: the morons who are willing to believe that race isn€t really there.

Bob, I never responded to this part, so leave my name out of it.

: There are some of you who really do believe this Politically
: Correct crap, but you are few and you are hopeless.

Pot, kettle, black...

: Meanwhile, I will continue to address my remarks to people who
: reside out here in reality.

Since when do you reside in reality?

Phil "I never heard about this drastic change" Kasiecki

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