Re: German immigration to Hungary in late 1700's, early 1800's.

Henry Robert Heiczereder (
2 Nov 1996 13:13:45 GMT

My parents and relatives all come from a village in Hungary called
Esceny. It is relatively close to a bigger town called Kaposvar.
Their ancestors migrated to this area in the late 1700's and early
1800's. I'd like to know from where. Some folks say the 'Frankfurt am
Main' area, others say the 'Black Forest' area, and others say from
'Allsace-Lorraine' area and the 'Strassburg' area in France. But know
one is really 100% sure. I know that our language(Dialect) is very
different from the 'High(Book) German', and bears some resemblance to
the 'Mennonite' and 'Amish' peoples. I have also noticed some
similarities with 'Yiddish.' Any information that anyone has would be