Re: Pope and Evolution...

Christopher Carrell (
1 Nov 1996 15:47:48 GMT

In article <55bmgp$> (Robin Hood) writes:
> (Damian Hammontree) wrote:
>>Wow - I had no idea Christ was so ... politically active these days. When
>>you talked to him last, who did he mention he was voting for in the november
>>elections? Or is he a Canadian citizen instead of an American one?
>Is this what this newsgroup is about? If so, please inform me now so
>that I can stop wasting time on it.
>If I want an Ad Hominum argument I can discuss philosophy with a two
>year old.
>(Of course, I've yet to see philosophy discussed on this ng)

Seeing as _this_ froup is, I'm not sure why you'd actually
get philosophy. From what I've read from you though, you appear incapable
of making any kind of coherent argument anyway...

Have a nice day, SB