Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

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31 Oct 1996 17:31:41 GMT

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Bob Whitaker ( wrote:
: Paul Gallagher wrote:
: > In <54rrj0$> () writes:
: > >>We are all the same, one species Homo sapiens: thinking man
: > >>(although it is evident that some do less than others).

: > >But again: the issue is subspecies, not species. Is Gerald really
: > >the only person around here who will attempt to answer the actual
: > >question I asked?

: > Subspecies, or races, in biology are defined as natural populations
: > within a species that differ genetically and that are partially
: > isolated from each other reproductively because of their different
: > geographic ranges.
: >
: > The tendency in modern systematics is to reject the recognition of
: > subspecies altogether for all species, because the definition of
: > subspecies is arbitrary and "subspecies," however they are defined,
: > have only a transitory existence as separate entities.

: You know damned well that anybody who disagrees with that loses his
: job. This is not a modern "tendency", unless you call everybody under
: Stalin being a Stalinist to have been a "tendency".
: Do you deny that anyone who disagrees with you on this would lose
: his job in any university?

Yes, I do. There are two professors I've heard of who believe in
this and then some- there's one at City College in NYC who has made
racist publications, but has tenure and is still going, and another one
at the University of Deleware who believes in the raical inferiority of
Blacks, and she's sitll going strong.

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