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26 Nov 1995 16:43:10 -0500

Last night I watched a TV program about a supposed autopsy
performed in 1947 on a humanoid body found in the wreckage of
a Space Ship that crashed the same year in New Mexico.
The possibility that this was a clever hoax aside, I began to
wonder how such a small vehicle, manned by Beings who had to
live their normal lives for many years in Space could have com-
pleted such a trip. I supposed that they might have been a
scouting party from a larger Ship that was capable of making
such a long trip.
But then my thoughts took another turn: Assuming that Life on
Earth continued well into the distant future, it is logical to as-
sume that Man will be succeeded by a Being as superior to us
as we are to the Ape, but looking somewhat like us as we look
somewhat like the Ape.
So, I am opting for the real possibility that these are not visi-
tors from some distant star system but are actually Earth dwel-
lers from some distant Time and one of whose marks of superi-
ority is the ability to travel through Time as well as Space. The
trip might have taken only a few seconds. What do you think?
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