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27 Nov 1995 16:01:48 GMT

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> Last night I watched a TV program about a supposed autopsy
> performed in 1947 on a humanoid body found in the wreckage of
> a Space Ship that crashed the same year in New Mexico.
> The possibility that this was a clever hoax aside, I began to
> wonder how such a small vehicle, manned by Beings who had to
> live their normal lives for many years in Space could have com-
> pleted such a trip. I supposed that they might have been a
> scouting party from a larger Ship that was capable of making
> such a long trip.

Do not say such blasphemous things. They have Technology Beyond Our
Comprehension, and can therefore Do Anything. :)
I don't think hoax is the rights word here. It's quite simply a lie.
Anyway, thats off-topic, isn't it?

> But then my thoughts took another turn: Assuming that Life on
> Earth continued well into the distant future, it is logical to as-
> sume that Man will be succeeded by a Being as superior to us
> as we are to the Ape, but looking somewhat like us as we look
> somewhat like the Ape.

Perhaps. The natural selection is still working, although it has different
criteria nowadays. Today it is no longer survival that is the selection, but
the lack of contraceptives. This means that low-educated or highly religous
people gets more kids than others. If any of this is a genetic trait, I
wouldn't know, but I is at least socially inherited.

>From this conclution, the world will be populated by low-educated religous
people. Which it of course already are, so I guess it's no super-race,

Unless large parts of the world gets a Hitler complex and tries to breed a
superiour race, I personally don't think it will happen.

> So, I am opting for the real possibility that these are not visi-
> tors from some distant star system but are actually Earth dwel-
> lers from some distant Time and one of whose marks of superi-
> ority is the ability to travel through Time as well as Space. The
> trip might have taken only a few seconds. What do you think?

This is impossible, since if you invent time travel, time becomes just another
dimension. Then people will start time travelling all around the place, and
then we would know about it.

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