Alfonse Pagano (alf@inch.com)
13 Nov 1995 06:03:26 GMT

We are in the process of researching certain african religions and
traditions for a photo bookfeaturing the wearing of dreadlocks,or
matted hair, as a religious or cultural symbol. The proposed date of
publication is 1997.

We have been looking for information or leads on the following:

Ethiopia, Bahatowie priests of the Amhara nation believed to be of the
coptic faith.

Senegal, Baye Fal, believed to be a sect of Islam.
Mouridism also a sect of Islam

Kenya, Akorino of the Kikuyu nation. Oromo Beja, information regarding a
sect called" the church of the living god".

Ghana, The Bono of Techiman and Fitish preists.

And any other leads pertaining to african cultures who's the wearing of
their hair in a locked or matted fashion has spiritual or cultural
religious meanings.

We are leaving for Africa this coming Jan 1 1996 and will traveling to
many countries photographing people and seeking others thhatt meet the
requirements of our topic.

We are seeking contacts and help in each country. Perhaps this is
something that would interest you, or you know off someone who would
care to be involved with this in your country. Whatever help you may
offer, itwould be greattly apprechiated.

Thank you
Alfonse Pagano

If you would like to recieve a statement regarding the book I am working
on, please write me and I will forward it to you.