Re: Pangaean Society

Craig Hagan (
12 Nov 1995 23:24:55 GMT

mrs. peel ( wrote:
: Ron Baber ( wrote:
: : Hello, Cousins!
: : Hope this will answer some questions.
: : Members of the Pangaean Society share the following beliefs.
: : Geographers tell us that originally there was only one land
: : mass on the earth which then split into the continents as we
: : know them. They refer to this original mega-continent as
: : "Pangaea".

: : Anthropologists (most of them, anyway) are of the opinion that
: : mankind evolved in Pangaea. They further opine that we humans
: : now living descended from this common ancestor. That is the
: : reason we refer to one another as "Cousin".

could we have some hard data? which "most anthropologiest" Is
this sort of like the "moral majority" which represents "most"
americans? I have been pretty sure on my personal beliefs
that much of our order evolved in africa and in parts
of southern asia.

: Is this really true? That man has been on earth since then?
: I always though that man was pretty recent on in comparison to
: what this guy is talking about.

it depends, i guess, upon what one would call a common
ancestor, and how far back one is willing to go
in search of such. Could we not argue that
every placental mammal has some common ancestor. I find
it stretching it, though, when one leaves our order when
talking about a "common ancestor".

-- craig