Latino culture and medicine

Charles Hessom (
12 Nov 1995 18:50:39 GMT


I'm a premed student currently taking a course in cultural
anthropology. A long term goal of mine is to provide medical care
for medically underserved populations. Where I live that usually
means Latino farm workers, both migrant and permanent residents.
For obvious reasons, one area of research that I am pursuing is
the Latino culture's own approach to medicine (medical science,
lay healers, Curanderos, psychic and faith healers) in order
to gain a better understanding of how the individual might feel when
presented with "institutionalized medicine" as it is practiced in
the US.

If you know of any promising references, articles, books, journals,
news groups, indices, web sites, etc. that would be relavent to this
topic, could you please let me know. Post to this group or E-mail
is fine.

Thanks in advance.


Charles Hessom