Geertz: needs help!

Stig-Lennart Soerensen (
8 Nov 1995 19:44:15 GMT

Hi all!

Iam writing an essay as a part of my finals in our under-graduate course in
social-antrophology, and I wonder if someone could help me out with a couple of
terms that Geertz has been known for:

1. the natives point of view, is as far as I understands, a juxtaposition between emic and
etic standpoints, and to some degree describe the situation as it is for the 'natives'
2. the 'thick' thing. What is it, and what work is it best featured in.
3. 'near' and 'close' describitions.

I have until the 20'th to write the essay, so any help ASAP is appreciated, I might even send
a Mack beer (local famous label) to those who give me sound answers/tips/clues.

Stig, grateful for any form of reply.

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