Re: Vegetarian anthropologists? Help!

C.Berry (
Sun, 5 Nov 1995 18:02:21 -0700

On 3 Nov 1995, Alan Parsons wrote:

> This may be a bit odd, but maybe somebody can help settle an old argument
> I've been having with a friend:
> Can anybody name any famous anthropologists who were also
> vegetarians?
> How would you go about researching this?
> Francisco
I Doubt any anthropologists, at least in the past, would admit to being
vegetarians. Note that Marvin Harris in his 1979 "Cultural Materialism"
counted vegetarianism among humanity's great pathologies (along with
obesity and bulemia(sp?)). Look also how we say "hunter-gatherers"
instead of the factually more correct order "gatherer-hunter". This
obvious bias bothers me, but then I am a vegetarion myself. But, then,
neither am I famous (yet).

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Chris Berry