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>To quote Palmer in THE THING-1981
> " You gotta be fucking kidding? "
>The Kid From Deliverence


Not at all. Most people who hear that there are people who wander cemeteries
for entertainment have some pretty amusing pre-conceptions about what our
interest is.

alt.society.funerary is a place where people who are interested in the customs
surrounding death can get together to exchange what they have discovered.
Attitudes and practices about death fascinate us, not because we are morbid or
ghoulish, but because they tell us so much about *people*. We've left our
mandate somewhat broad: we've asked that necrophiliacs, ghost-hunters, and
those who need support for their grief go to other groups so that we can
concentrate on the cultural aspects of death.

Many of us were just as turned off as you are when we first heard about this
subject. But we discovered that an interest in death need not be gruesome or
morbid or gloomy. As a human activity, it allows for all sorts of approaches
-- humorous, serious, artistic, memorial, scientific, etc. And we welcome
contributions from all sorts of people. We even love people who can
intelligently critique "the American way of dying"!

Here are the guidelines for the group:

These groups were created for the specific purpose of discussing
practices involving the deposition of human bodies after death.

Legitimate topics for alt.society.funerary include discussions of
burial customs, epitaphs, lists of where famous people are buried,
questions about burial plans, mortuary science, etc. Discussions
about ghosts and other manifestations of the afterlife should
go to alt.folklore.ghost-stories. Necrophiliacs can go to the
appropriate groups. If you are dealing with grief, try is reserved for photographs
and other binary files. Post your pictures of tombstones,
grave objects, and burials here. It is asked that you use a
uuencoder. You may, if you wish, prepend a short description
of what is in the photo. Pointers in alt.society.funerary are
welcomed and encouraged. Please post each photo only once per

Submissions to either of these groups may be serious, spooky,
humorous, fictional, didactic, informational, etc. We ask
only that you stick to the topic of funerary customs.

The founders of this group hope that you will be an active
participant. Please respect other posters, be polite and
helpful towards newcomers. Keep debates civil. Feel free
to express your own attitudes about the treatment of bodies
after death.

I hope you will consider joining us, Terry, at least for a quick peek. The
rest of you can come by and chat, too!


Joel GAzis-SAx

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