Re: Male Virginity and Circumcision

Michael Nakis (
31 Oct 1995 18:33:35 GMT

This is with regards to some remarks that posted.
Thank you for your helpful advice about female anatomy, mr, ehm, "..".

1) a woman may have sex a billion times and never bleed once, even her
first time.


2) Hymens come in many shapes and sizes, and girls have been known
to be born without one at all.


3) A hymen can persist after many sexual encounters.


4) Therefore, a woman can be a virgin and neither bleed nor have a
hymen, and she can have a hymen even when she isn't a virgin.

Ooops. The problem here is, you are defining "Virgin" in a cultural
context, while I am not. From my purely biological point of view, virgin
or not virgin means hymen or no hymen, regardless of whether the person
has engaged in sex or whether she was riding a bicycle on a rocky road or
whether he was masturbating too hard.