Re: The Story Of The Idiot And The Jug

Ron Blum (
26 May 1995 01:40:44 GMT (Robert Roosen) writes:

> Perhaps this allegory is meant to prepare us for what the U S
>Federal Reserve system is going to do one day.

Grrrr. I'm going to assume that this is a joke.

Anyway, I think the point of the story was sort of explained in
the introduction, describing what an idiot can be like. The
idiot covered up his own clumsiness by blaming the stone. He
removes all blame from himself--he even believes his own
version of the story. It is easy for people to fool themselves
and blame others for their own problems.

The irony is that what is clearly the daming evidence against the
idiot--the handle makes it clear that the jug broke--is seen by
him as proof his own righteousness. So he has misinterpreted the
situation, or deceived himself, to the point that even the most
implausible thing is used to exonerate himself of any wrongdoing.

So as we live, we must watch out that we don't decieve ourselves.

Or, well, that's my interpretation. I thought it was kind of a
neat story.