Re: The Story Of The Idiot And The Jug

KARIMUDDIN AHMER AZHAR (e0fkq9vy@tuzo.erin)
Fri, 26 May 1995 04:02:01 GMT

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Mariam Ispahani <> wrote:
>Ron - What a marvelous deduction!!! Thank You :) I wrote a term paper
>as an undergrad for my Social Cognition class - titled, "Self-Deception."
>Yes, we can deceive ourselves without even knowing it and that is PERHAPS
>the biggest deception of all?!?!

For all the Star Trek buffs out there, in one episode, Captain Picard was
being given severe torture, and would only be relieved if he said that
there were five lights when there were only four. Although he escaped,
at the end of the episode he said that he would truely have said for he
was now actually seeing five lights.

Even though some might not understand it, I really think that we as
people have the ability of making ourselves believe what we want to
believe or percieve. Good or bad, I think that this is a self defence
mechanism, where in ones own mind one is able to exonerate themselves of
all blame, and blame someone else.