Re: Reality Checkpoint

Cameron Newham (
29 May 1995 18:33:10 +0800

Ben Newsam <> writes:

> "Doug Hall" writes:

>If you drew a line between the Hobbs Pavilion and the swimming pool,
>you would go quite close to Reality Checkpoint. I think you would agree
>that this is nowhere near the centre of Parker's Piece (check on an accurate
>map). I lived within sight of the darned thing for two years, and I have
>crawled past it on many a drunken night!

Well, you were drunk! ;)

I was there two years ago and it's as near as damn-it to the middle!

(amazingly I went there because it was described on one of these
newsgroups (soc.british I think) as a "thing to do in the UK :)


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